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Buckwheat tea contains potassium, magnesium, selenium, vanadium, chromium. Besides that buckwheat tea contains nearly all vitamins that are known to human and flavonoids. Especially a lot of rutin, which strengthens vessels and prevents aging. High doses of protein and fiber create a great antioxidant effect.
Scientists were able to combine all of the Nutritions of the buckwheat tea in one
Strengths protective body's functions, immune system will be able to fight off viruses and infections on its own.
Digestive system
Betters work of digestive system. Buckwheat tea regular use is recommended for people who suffer from inflated or chronic gastritis.
Cardiovascular system
Supports heart and vascular systems health.
For diabetics
Normalizes glucose concentration in blood.
Positive effect on cholesterol
Minimizes production of unhealthy cholesterol.
Strengthens vessel walls
The presence of anti-sclerotic elements helps to strengthen large and small blood vessels, betters blood coagulation.
Increases stress tolerance
The drink is common effect on the central nervous system, increasing the body's resistant to stress and emotional shock .
People who drink buckwheat tea on daily basis are emotionally stable not prone to depressive moods and do not have problems with sleeping.
Normalizes blood pressure
Due to purification of vessels from toxic substances and other toxins, blood pressure is normalized, heart is not excessively overworked.
Contributes to weight loss
Improved metabolic processes and accelerated metabolisms are main factors that contribute to a faster weight loss.
Prevents strokes
Restores blood circulation in the brain which improves brain activity and mental abilities. Prevents from having a stroke.
Cleanses the body of toxic absences and toxins.
Reduces swelling
Swelling is quickly eliminated due to removal of excess fluid from the body.