A source of health and energy
Contains nearly every vitamin, which makes this product unique and highly beneficial to people who have a healthy lifestyle.
Gluten free
Natural product
Stimulates weight loss
Caffeine free
You will be surprised if you research this product. By drinking this tea, you will get a whole complex of immense health benefits
Can be brewed up to 3 times, without nutrition or taste loss
Нежный, с лёгкой сладостью, вкус гречишного чая успакаивает нервную систему и тонизирует организм, бодрит и улучшает настроение.
To contain all of the benefits and vitamins of this tea, the seeds of buckwheat get pressed into granules
Does not require packaging and brewing filters
3-5 g per 200 ml
Water temperature
Wait time
3-5 g
3 min
Can I drink tea for children, pregnant and lactating?
Yes, you can, tea consists only of natural ingredients, is completely harmless and has no contraindications.

Adding buckwheat tea to the diet will have a beneficial effect on the fetus, as it contains a lot of useful trace elements and vitamins, does not contain sugar, caffeine.
What is the composition?
Izumi buckwheat tea consists of young seeds of black Tatar buckwheat, which are collected in the highlands exclusively by hand, then pressed into granules to preserve all the useful properties of the product.
How often can / should I drink buckwheat tea?
The product consists of natural ingredients and is absolutely harmless, you can drink an unlimited number of times a day.
How long is the package of tea? Is it possible to brew 3 times and why?
In a package of 100 grams, for brewing one cup you need 3 grams (teaspoon), you get 33 cups. The uniqueness of buckwheat tea is that when re-brewing up to three times - the taste, color and smell do not change at all.

In this case, 99 cups of tea are obtained from one package.
How to make tea?
It is necessary to pour 200 ml of water at a temperature of 90 degrees on a teaspoon of tea leaves (3 grams) and wait 3 minutes, the tea is ready.
You should not brew tea with boiling water, because it loses some of its beneficial properties.

You do not need tea bags.
Welding does not dissolve, does not float. It lies peacefully at the bottom of the cup and absolutely does not prevent you from enjoying a tea party.
What does tea taste like?
Buckwheat tea tastes like oatmeal cookies, has a characteristic rich taste, amber color and a pleasant smell.
How does the detox effect occur?
The body gets rid of harmful toxins, toxins and excess fluid, due to which metabolism is accelerated and the digestive tract normalizes.