Гречишный чай - содержит в себе калий,магний, селен, ванадий, хром и алюминий. Кроме того гречишный чай содержит практически все известные витамины и флавоноиды. Особо много рутина, который укрепляет сосуды и предотвращает старение организма.
А высокое содержание белков
и клетчатки делают гречневый чай
отличным антиоксидантом.
Buckwheat tea contains potassium, magnesium, selenium, vanadium, chromium. Besides that buckwheat tea contains nearly all vitamins that are known to human and flavonoids. Especially a lot of rutin, which strengthens vessels and prevents aging. High doses of protein and fiber create a great antioxidant effect.
Ученые попытались собрать все полезные свойства гречишного чая чая воедино
The drink is recommended to those who want to get rid of excess weight.
It can be combined with any diet or taken alone.


Promotes weight loss
Cleanses the body (DETOX effect)
Reduces stress
Promotes intellectual ability, improves blood flow to the brain.
Rejuvenates the body
Enhances brain activity
Профилактика рака
Напиток обладает антиоксидантными свойствами, поэтому его употребление служит профилактикой образования злокачественных образований.
The drink cleanses the body of toxins that have accumulated in it, as well as the blood from toxins and radionuclides.
Buckwheat tea helps the body cope with stress and strengthens the nervous system.
Tea has a rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole.
which will be able to resist many diseases.
that will help you work effectively and resist stress.
Nervous system
Increased efficiency
by filling the body with energy and increasing brain activity
which will become smoother and firmer.
Nails and hair
which will become stronger.
which will be able to process the excess calories.
Water balance
by removing excess fluid from the body, which reduces swelling.
Strong vessels
that allow the body to function normally.
will recover from the damage caused by irregular meals.
Reduces inflammation
The vitamins and cellulose in the tea provide the drink with anti-inflammatory properties.